essential tools for bike maintenance

Essential Tools for Mountain Bike Repairs and Maintenance

If you own a mountain bike or road racing bike, it is always advisable to invest in a tool kit because having the right tool for the job will save your time and energy when you are servicing the bike. Mountain biking involves trailing on rough terrains which are either covered in mud or water; hence you need to keep on adjusting the parts after every adventure. Below is a list of essential tools for mountain bike repairs and maintenance that you need in your kit to ensure that your bike stays in good condition for a longer time.


• Bike repair stand –securing your bike on a stand makes things easier because you can view it from different angles. Investing in a portable bike repair stand will save your time and energy compared to the ones that are meant to be mounted on a wall or the floor because you can carry it around just in case you need to repair your bike. Lastly, a stand allows you to cycle the drivetrain easily because it holds the bike firmly.

• Chain lube – lubes are used to lubricate the chain of the bicycle to minimize friction. However, ensure that you invest in high-quality lube because the cheap ones tend to clog the chain thus hindering smooth cycling.

• Spare master link/chain toolchain – tools come in handy when you need to remove excess links from a new chain to replace the old one. You should also ensure that you carry a spare master link just in case the initial chain gets damaged if you are riding on rough terrain. It’s also advisable to replace the bikes chains once it starts to wear out after some time; hence you require a chain tool because no other tool can perform this task.

• Floor pump – a pump comes in handy when you need to adjust your tire’s air pressure. Consider investing in a floor pump that has a built-in gauge that allows you to read the air pressure that is in your tires easily.

• Cutting pliers – this is a must-have tool for every mountain biker because it is useful for snipping zip ties or when you want to cut wires and other objects easily. Ensure that the handles are rubber to prevent friction that leads to blisters which are very painful especially when riding.

• Gear brush – a small brush is essential, and every person who owns a mountain bike should have one in their tool kit because they easily get rid of any debris that could be stuck in the chain links and cassette. You can also invest in small craft brushes that come in a set of different sized brushes that are useful in cleaning the parts that you can’t clean using the normal brush.

• Waterproof grease – this is also another essential thing to have because it is meant to be used on the areas where the bike is made of metal like the headsets, seat posts, pedal threads and the bottom of the bracket threads to minimize friction. It also prevents water from coming into contact with the metal parts because it leads to rusting which causes wear.

• Carbon assembly paste – this paste contains micro-friction beads meant to create friction on the handlebars, seat posts and the stems to avoid slipping off when you are riding your bike. You are likely to sweat when you are biking; thus you require this carbon paste to give you a firm grip throughout.

• Pedal wrench – most people tend to use a lot of energy when tightening the pedals hence it is important always to have this tool in your tool kit to loosen the pedals if you feel like they are too tight. Tight pedals results to the biker feeling exhausted even after short rides because you end up using a lot of energy trying to cycle.

• Screwdrivers – invest in screwdrivers that come in different size tips for you to be in a position to screw or unscrew any screw because they vary in size and shape.

• Spoke wrenches – these are used to tighten the loose spokes at the nipple; hence they are essential. However, ensure that you know the exact size of the nipple to avoid buying the wrong size of spoke wrenches that won’t fit perfectly.

• Tire levers – some tire and rim combinations are difficult to work with; hence you need these levers to make it easier. Ensure that you buy the plastic levers because the metals ones can either bend the rim or pinch the tubes.

• Knife/scissors – having a utility knife or scissors in your tool kit is important because they come in handy when you want to cut something during the bike’s repair or maintenance.

• Hammer – you will not require this tool most of the time, but it is also important to include in your kit. Consider buying a hammer that has both the metal and rubber part all together instead of buying separate hammers to save your coins.

• Electrical tape – a tape is necessary if you want to achieve a clean look by wrapping the brake lines and the derailleur together past the handlebars to the frame. This ensures that the wires are safe apart from giving your bike a polished finish after repairing it.

• Cable/housing cutters – the wires and brakes demand a clean cut to avoid damaging them, and that’s why you need these cutters to help you achieve that clean cut. They have a specific jaw that cuts the wires perfectly.

• Bottle opener – most mountain bikes enjoy sipping soft drinks or beer to quench their thirst hence a bottle opener is essential because it saves you a lot of trouble instead of trying to open the bottle using your teeth.

• Torx wrenches – even though you will not get to use this tool often, you should also have it in your kit just in case you need it. It is used to attach the rotors and the chainrings easily because they are star-shaped bolts that make with task super easier.